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About Us

From our beginnings in 2003, Blue Fin Solutions has been using technology to help organizations create strategies and solutions to solve complex problems and market their businesses online.

Our mission is to help leaders solve complex issues, so they can live authentic lives and grow impactful businesses.

Company History

Founded in 2003, Blue Fin Solutions has been built with a focus on long-term client relationships and always doing what is right and best for the client. We are selective of the clients we work with and projects we work on. We want to partner with our clients to help them overcome strategic obstacles in business operations and marketing.

Industry Experience:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Healthcare
  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Higher Education
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Others

Blue Fin Solutions has clients all across the US. We are not just a regional firm, but a firm that will transcend value no matter where the client may be located. Without a doubt Blue Fin Solutions has made a difference in the success of our clients, while building great and lasting relationships along the way.

Owner Biography

Brice Long

Brice Long, founder and CEO of Blue Fin Solutions, was raised in western Oklahoma and has always had a passion for technology. In 1996, while studying Electronics Engineering in Oklahoma City, Brice started his entrepreneurial career with one of his professors creating a web development and hosting company. Early on in this venture, Brice developed a visionary approach to the design and development of websites and web-based applications. His trademark thus far is a goal-minded modular design structure, which is open to future expansion and adaptable to the changing digital environment.

Brice is a zealous problem solver, who brings awareness and clarity to complex situations using deep listening, honest communication, and discernment. He is passionate about helping individuals and teams discover their strengths and learn how to leverage them to become their true authentic selves, and maximize team effectiveness. Brice believes every individual and company is unique, and approaches each engagement with an open mindset and honest dialogue.

Responsibility, Strategic, Belief, Communication, and Individualization are Brice's top-5 strengths according to CliftonStrengths. With a strong strategic mindset, Brice has a unique ability to often see solutions to problems before others realize a problem exists. Expecting accuracy and precision from his teams and projects, he is constantly investigating the “how” and “why” of a given situation, and is able to effectively communicate the pitfalls and obstacles he sees.

Along with being a Strengths Champion Certified leadership coach, Brice is an entrepreneur, and a management & technology consultant. His mission is to help leaders solve complex issues, so they can live authentic and impactful lives. Over the last 24+ years, Brice has helped numerous clients improve business processes, execute marketing initiatives, and create technology solutions to help them solve complex problems, improve operations, and grow their businesses. He is currently enrolled in the School of Leadership Coaching with Professional Christian Coaching Institute (PCCI) working towards becoming a Certified Professional Leadership Coach (CPLC) and an ACC certified coach through the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Brice is married to Rhonda, and father to 4 amazing children. Outside of work, he can often be found coaching youth sports, taking family hikes, playing with his kids, volunteering, or just hanging out with family and friends. Brice also enjoys playing golf and basketball, taking his Jeep off-road, and singing in the praise team at his church.

Company Philosophy

Everything starts with building authentic relationships, and we strongly believe in getting to know our clients, their employees, and their customers. You are the expert in your field and we want to listen to you. Staying focused on your personal and organizational goals, we strive to provide honest and objective feedback and insights to help you, your employees, and your customers prosper.

Blue Fin Solutions prides itself in fully integrating their services and capabilities into creating custom solutions that help clients grow their business and improve the internal/external processes and communications. These qualities give Blue Fin Solutions and their clients an advantage in the business world.

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