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Leadership & Team Coaching

Customized coaching to meet the needs of executives, leaders, and teams of all sizes and levels within an organization.


Leadership Coaching provides dedicated support to help leaders reach their full potential. Our coaches collaborate with leaders across all levels - from executives and managers to team leads and business owners - to achieve both personal and organizational goals.

The coaching process is highly individualized based on each leader's specific needs and objectives. However, some common benefits include:

  • Increased self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Enhanced leadership skills and management capabilities
  • Improved communication, influence, and relationship building
  • Greater team cohesion and employee engagement
  • Reduced stress and improved work-life balance
  • Confidence to take on new challenges and initiatives
  • Support in crisis situations or navigating change
  • Accountability and motivation to execute on goals

Our coaches take a strengths-based approach, helping leaders maximize their natural abilities while developing new competencies. We offer comprehensive assessments to uncover strengths and development areas.

While not required, we strongly encourage clients to complete the Strengths Alignment Process to fully leverage their talents. Other standard components of our leadership coaching engagements include:

  • In-depth intake and ongoing needs analysis
  • Creation of a customized coaching plan
  • Regular coaching sessions (virtual or in-person)
  • Goal-setting and progress tracking
  • Access to online leadership resources
  • Ongoing support between sessions

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