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 Our purpose and passion is to help clients improve business processes, solve complex problems, and grow their business.

Partner vs. Provider

We are as selective of our clients as you are of your vendors. If you are looking for a “provider” to come in and sell you a service or product on a one-time transaction, then we are probably not the right firm for you.

However, if you are looking for a partner to come alongside you and help make a substantial impact on your organization, then you may be in the right place. Blue Fin Solutions understands that not every client engagement is right for us, and because we are more interested in the quality of work and the positive impact we can have on our clients, we are selective with the engagements we undertake.

While our experiences and consulting services are broad, we are built to help you through the confusing, stressful, and often messy complex times. Below are a couple of example client engagements.



Ideal Business Consulting Client

An established organization who is looking to improve operational effectiveness by leveraging technology to improve processes and systems. Examples may include looking for ways to create or expand capabilities to capture, correlate, and process data for market expansion, customer serviceability, internal/external communications, and to improve overall business decision making.

Example Services

  • Process Improvement
  • Systems Creation / Integration
  • Data Capture & Analysis

Example Benefits

  • Improved business decision
  • More responsive customer service
  • Better internal and external communication


Ideal Application Consulting Client

An organization who has developed one or more applications with an internal or outsourced development team. Application can be for internal or external use in which they would like to have reviewed for usability and/or functional gaps. Alternatively, the organization could be looking to build a new application and then need assistance with the requirements gathering, project scoping, and UI/UX processes. Finally, it could be an organization that is in the middle of an application development process that is currently behind schedule and/or over budget and they are looking get the project back on track and completed successfully.

Example Services

  • UI/UX Analysis and Testing
  • Functional Gap Analysis
  • Digital Product Vision & Scope
  • Project Rescue & Management

Example Benefits

  • Application Effectiveness
  • Higher Adoption Rate
  • Fewer Change Requests
  • End-user Satisfaction Rates Up
  • Development Team Morale Up
  • Application Roadmap for Growth & Expansion
  • Improved Timelines & Budgets

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