Who We Are

Technical Evolution

Company History

Founded in 2003, Blue Fin Solutions (BFS) was originally established in Oklahoma City. The quality of work and service allowed BFS to build relationships with reputable companies, which quickly gave the new website development and consulting firm a boost in work. BFS works with a variety of industries including oil and gas, healthcare, financial, legal, retail and manufacturing. With over 15 years of ad agency experience and the projects that have played a role in the growth of the firm, Blue Fin Solutions is an excellent match and trusted partner for creative marketing, PR and advertising agencies.

Blue Fin Solutions has clients all over the United States – from the West Coast to the East Coast and down south to the Gulf of Mexico. We are not just a regional firm, but a firm that will transcend value no matter where the client may be located. Without a doubt Blue Fin Solutions has made a difference in the success of our clients, while building great and lasting relationships along the way.

Owner Biography

Brice Long, founder and CEO of Blue Fin Solutions, was raised in western Oklahoma and has always had a passion for sports and technology. While studying Electronics Engineering in Oklahoma City, Brice started his entrepreneurial career with one of his professors creating a web development and hosting company. Early on in this venture, Brice developed a visionary approach to the design and development of web applications. His trademark thus far is a goal-minded modular design structure, which is open to future expansion and adaptable to the changing digital environment.

Brice lives in Charleston, WV with his wife and four children, and enjoys golf, basketball, hiking, volunteering, and spending time with friends & family. He is invested in the local community, attends Bible Center Church and is a member of Generation Charleston, a committee of the Charleston Area Alliance.

Company Philosophy

The company’s philosophy is based on the owner’s mantra to be solutions-minded and relationship-driven. Profound strategy and client-focused consultation define the standard of work that the ultimate goal of developing the best solution within the client’s budget and the given time frame is dependent upon.

Blue Fin Solutions prides itself in fully integrating their services and capabilities into the creating custom solutions that help clients grow their business and improve the internal and external business processes. These qualities give Blue Fin Solutions and their clients an advantage in the business world.